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Tiago Lageira

Tiago Lageira


​Tiago Lageira (1992) is a young upcoming european musician who plays and writes music with improvisation and interaction as its main aspects. Main projects of late have been his own Tiago Lageira Trio, CoolHaven Quintet, Klijn Quartet and various duo's with Armand van Wijck, Sun-Mi Hong, Iris Feijen (FADOpelos2) and Ivy Lemos, among others. He's also winner of the Grachtenfestival Concours 2018 with the Klijn Quartet, finalist of the Erasmus Jazz Prize 2017 and the Leidse Jazz Award 2017 with the CoolHaven Quintet, Bergen op Zoom Jazz Award 2017, Jazz Kaseko Dreams 2016 and the Cantina Music Award 2016.


Tiago Lageira


Tiago Lageira (zang/gitaar)
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zondag 23 december 2018 - 19:00